School Philosophy

Nurturing Nest Montessori is a community of educators and children who live and grow together in a prepared environment which supports the goals and ideals of Maria Montessori. We seek to create a culture where parents and educators are in partnership providing for the needs of each child in order to reach his or her ultimate potential. As we nourish each part of the child’s being, body mind and spirit, we encourage families to embrace the Montessori philosophy in their homes, to allow for a single philosophy and set of values to accompany the child through all aspects of his or her life.

Dr. Maria Montessori was first a scientist who approached human development and education from that perspective. Following her lead, we continue to observe today’s children and through the lens of current scientific research and adapt the method accordingly. Interestingly, we find that much of today’s “new” findings about children simply support that which Dr. Montessori observed and brought to light more than 100 years ago.

Core Montessori concepts adhered to:

  • We believe in the prepared environment that supports the young child’s emerging independence, freedom of movement, experiential learning and choice.
  • We believe in individualized learning. Each child’s place along the path of the Montessori curriculum is observed and respected. We meet each child where they are and set before them that which they need to progress. Our educators offer lessons and experiences in the five areas of the Montessori classroom: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Cultural.
  • We believe in mixed age class rooms where social interaction and community development flourish. Children teach one another and in the process teach themselves. Respect grows naturally as each child works at his own pace in a noncompetitive environment.
  • We believe in a three year cycle where children remain in the same classroom community building on skills from year to year. The youngest children are nurtured and become nurturers as they grow in their ability and confidence to care for themselves, others and their environment.
  • We believe in the value of the child’s connections with our natural world. The outdoors is an extension of the classroom providing real experiences with nature, gardening, the benefits of unstructured play and the rejuvenating effects of sunlight and fresh air!
  • We believe in the necessity of peace education for the future of our world. Our school embraces a formal Peace Curriculum teaching children to find peace within themselves, find the words to express their needs, and practice peaceful and respectful conflict resolution.

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