Infant (3-18 months)

“We are here to offer to this life, which came into the world by itself, the means necessary for its development, and having done that we must await this development with respect.” – Maria Montessori

At Nurturing Nest Montessori School infants experience a safe and loving environment that supports both physical and emotional growth during this time of rapid development.  In accordance with the American Montessori Society standards the children benefit from:

  • Adults educated in the Montessori philosophy and methodology appropriate for infants.
  • A partnership established with the family.  The family is considered an integral part of the individual’s total development.
  • A variety of interesting things to look at, explore and experience, which are designed to meet the developmental stages and sensitive periods of infants.
  • A flexible sequence of routines and activities of individual infants – not a rigid schedule.
  • An atmosphere that communicates unconditional love and acceptance.

The goals of our Infant Program are to foster the development of basic trust and to aid the normal development of the child’s physical development and personality.  Our trained caregivers are motivated by a deep love and respect for the individual unfolding before them.  A safe environment is maintained in which the infants can move freely, exploring with all their senses.

Class Schedule

  • Full Time: Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm
    12 Month Program
    No part-time space available.

To learn more about our Infant Program, please Contact Us.

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